Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

And diamonds are forever!



If you are looking for something to simulate diamonds, then Vintage rhinestone jewelry is just what you need!

The sparkle and the look of diamonds

This jewelry is absolutely awesome to look at and it is actually made out of the best quality rhinestones which are mostly high quality glass,

but some rhinestones are cut from quartz crystal.

You can get this jewelry in many marvelously exquisite and exciting shades and to top it all…they sparkle just like diamonds.

A rainbow you can own

Aurora Borealis is a wonderful example of this kind of vintage jewelry. In the year 1955, a special kind of iridescent coating was developed.

This coating was applied to these vintage rhinestones and the result was a most spectacular rainbow color effect that was seen to appear on the jewels.

The great Parure collectors

In the years of the 50s and 60s, this kind of vintage jewelry was extremely popular. Even today many people all over the world love to collect and wear what is popularly known as parure vintage rhinestone jewelry.

Parure is typically defined as an entire matching jewelry set which would consist of a bracelet, earrings, a brooch and of course, a necklace. There is also the Demi-parure kind which would include a brooch, earrings, a matching necklace, but no bracelet.

The Origins of this jewelry

So where did this kind of jewelry come from? It would appear that their origins lie in the Rhine River in Austria, from where they were initially reported to have been sifted.

But, they became as exciting and popular as diamonds, after World War II.

The original always shines through.

The years have seen the mass production of glass rhinestones, but the finer variety has its own rare features that cannot be matched.

Genuine Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry is always highly polished, prong set, hand faceted and can always be very well distinguished by their sparkle.

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